Online Publications

Online PublicationsBelow you will find links to poems, essays, articles, interviews, and other online publications featuring Paul J. Willis’s writings. This page will be updated as new links become available.


“Assessment” at Magical Teaching (2013)
“Letter to Beowulf” at Verse Daily (2008)
“Preparedness” at Verse Daily (2009)


“Life at the Learning Center” at Chattermarks (2015)
“By Any Other Name” at Tweetspeak (2012)
“Sonnet 104” at Antler (2012)


“A Window of New Feeling: Q&A with Paul J.Willis” at Slant Books (2020)
“Poet Professor Paul Willis Pens New Book” at Santa Barbara Independent (2016)
“Only You Can Write Your Poem” at The Write Practice (2011)
“Creatures of Place” at The Other Journal (2006)